Catchy newsletter titles

For anyone looking to start a company newsletter, one of the most common issues you’ll have is name-choosing. Just like a good newspaper or magazine, the quality of your newsletter title is very important. Would you read something with a boring or basic name? It’s not unlikely. Most of the time, we need something with a hook and a bit of wit to try and capture our nerve and our attention. When you do find something of high artistic and witty value, though, it makes your newsletter far more attractive. What, though, matters in catchy newsletter titles?

It should be a good play on words
First off, the best way to make sure your newsletter is applicable is to make sure it’s a good play on words. So, for example, let’s say that you were going to be providing access to recipes for your own home-cooked baked goods. And your name is Terry. Well, you could release these on a Tuesday or a Thursday and go with something like ‘Terry’s Tuesday Treats’ – plays on words always work.

It should matter to the industry
Another reason why you want to get a good name for a newsletter is that it will stand out to those in the industry. So, for example, if you were to have another baked goods related newsletter, it should be related to something to do with baking. For example, you could call it something like ‘Owen’s Oven’ or something. That’s obviously very basic, but it’s just a quick idea to show you how industry-related names work well.

Try and up the professionalism
Another nice touch is to try and give your newsletter a name that should sound almost like a newspaper. So, you could go for something like ‘The Daily Bake’ if you are going with a daily baked goods newsletter. It’s all down to the industry to determine the terminology and the words that you have to play with, so keep that in mind. Try and make it sound like something that you’d find on a newspaper shelf, though, if you can!

Make sure it’s not taken
Also, make sure that you take the time to verify that your catchy newsletter title is not already in use. While you can have something similar, it pays to try and keep your newsletter name as unique as you can. The last thing that you want to do is enter into an expensive legal battle with someone as they claim that you ‘stole’ their newsletter name!

Always ensure its short
The other problem with naming a newsletter is making sure the name is long enough, but not too short. Anything in the realm of 1-5 words should be ample sizing for the name of a good newsletter. You should always avoid going over 5 words if you can; while it’s not a deal-breaker, it has to be easy to be share. A short, catchy name that sticks in the mind – that is always the aim when it comes to creating a newsletter that is worth reading and subscribing to!

Keep these in mind, and you should find it a bit easier to name your newsletter! Need some inspiration? Then check out some of the newsletters being assisted with the help of Dugadu.