What are the best WordPress newsletter plugin options for me?

For anyone looking to run a newsletter today, you often ned to link it to a website. People come to your newsletter as they trust what you have to say and what you believe can be the solution to their issues. More importantly, though, they will be impressed by the fact you offer supplementary information. If someone finds a solution that is useful on your website, they might wish to hear from you more. And what better way to do so than via subscribing to your newsletter?

However, if you run a WordPress website, then you need to find a way of linking website to newsletter. And how do you do that? You can use WordPress newsletter plugin.

What is a WordPress newsletter plugin?
So, a WordPress newsletter plugin is a particular plug-in that is made to ensure that your newsletter can join forces with your website. Your WordPress website would then have a section that allows people to easily sign up to your newsletter, allowing you to make good on your authority. That should be where you wish to start, as it will play a huge role in improving how your newsletter is received.

If you wish to find some good WordPress newsletter plugins, though, you need to know where to look. Where can you get the help that you need if you wish to make your WordPress newsletter plugin choice as successful as possible? What matters when you are looking for a plugin that should work at the first time of asking? How do you ensure success?

If you are looking for a WordPress newsletter plugin that should do everything you need, go for Bloom. It’s made by the ever-impressive Elegant Themes, who are one of the most popular developers on the market today. They have also made some great theme designs, including Divi, so you should know a fair bit about Elegant as it is. Anyway, their WordPress newsletter plugin, Bloom, might be the best in the business.

We recommend Bloom first as it should solve your WordPress newsletter plugin needs for just about any size of site. At around $89/year, if not more, then you are paying for a pretty hefty piece of kit. If you believe that having a solid newsletter would really help to improve your place of business, though, you would do well out of the installation of such a system.

Bloom is the perfect solution to almost all of your WordPress newsletter plugin needs.

The second place that we recommend you take a look at is with OptinMonster. Powerful and diverse, this subscription-based WordPress newsletter plugin is just what you are looking for. It’s a great solution that has been around since 2013, and has become a major part of newsletter integration for over half a million WP sites!

It’s very effective and it’s still easy to use even though it has had many new features added and adjusted into its effect over the years. It’s now a great solution for monetizing your website traffic, and should be a must-have for anyone serious about running a newsletter.

While it can be a bit pricey at $9/month, it’s a very high value plugin due to what it can do for your website. If you are serious about making sure you can always boost your numbers in terms of traffic, you should ideally start here.

As the name suggests, MailPoet is the perfect WordPress newsletter plugin for those who are looking for something nice and easy. at around $15/month, if not more, you need to make sure you can afford that investment. Once installed, though, this is one of the finest solutions for making the maximum out of every email sent to your WP website.

It’s great for making sure that you can boost open rates and response rates, too, creating a greater sense of parlay and camaraderie with your readers. That’s why we recommend that you try out MailPoet if you are in need of a solid solution that just gets the job done.

It’s used by over 300,000 different sites, too, so you can be sure that this is no fly by night operation. In fact, it’s probably among the most accomplished sites on the market for anyone looking for support.

If you are looking for a cheaper solution, then Newsletter is just what you need. The name itself is quite self-explanatory, and it should offer you a pretty good choice of newsletter adjustment. It’s free to use, and is currently used by 250,000+ different websites. You can have unlimited subscribers, too, which is nice, and you can easily send an unlimited quantity of e-mails with the help of this solution.

You can also make sure that you are going to follow European Union regulations on anti-spam laws, which other WordPress newsletter plugins might not do. This is a good solution that offers you a lot of extra features, including SMTP support, and also support for things like WooCommerce and any AutoResponder that you choose to use. Just note, though, that most features outside of the basis will mean that you need to get the Premium version.

A simple enough solution, we recommend MailOptin too if you are looking for something to help boost lead generation and newsletter automation. It’s got some great features included such as pop-ups and notification bars, making it easy to stay on top of everything that should and could come out of running of a newsletter.

At around $79 to buy, and with a limited but still reliable Free edition, MailOptin is another good choice for the value-seeker. It might not have everything advanced users need, but it should cover all of your general newsletter needs.

So, what WordPress plug-in will you look to utilise first when it comes to your newsletter?